the roof is on fire.

Tigerlily knit dress, vintage backpack, various bling.

A night on a rainy rooftop, followed by a wander in The Garden (with yiros) and then some dancing where way too much middle-aged gyrating was witnessed.

I get lots of emails asking where my rings come from. Each one is from someone or somewhere special. The long silver pattered ring is from a busy market in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The silver pinky rings were a cheap thrill - they are actually toe rings but I rarely find rings that actually fit my creepy, skinny phalanges. The silver dragon is from my BFF/NYE lover and has a twin over on her hand. The green amber ring is from a bejeweled street seller in Hanoi, Vietnam. I rarely buy jewellery in Australia, 90% of my collection is from overseas trips. Every piece reminds me of a special time, place or person.

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Jenelle said...

Great blog. It's good to come across another Adelaide blogger. Following you now. Cheers. -Jenelle