things i like.

My biker jacket.

Travelling anywhere and everywhere. Next stop Thailand and Brazil.

Cats. Unpredictable, self-cleaning and fucking cute.

Aquariums. I like the quiet.

Eyes. I have an unhealthy obsession with eyes.

Vintage globes and maps.

Packing. But not unpacking. Packing is excitement and hopefulness and adventure. Unpacking is the end.

Black and white pictures of rock stars. Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Mick Jagger.

Carbs = endorphins.

Staring straight into the sun.

Rocking out to Led Zep.

Taking photos of clouds and skies in different countries. The sky is a different colour with a different feel depending on where you stand on the earth.

Black boots. I only wear boots. I would live a miserable life without boots.

Foxes. *See blog title.

Skulls and skull paraphernalia.

Palmistry, fortune telling, myths, legends, symbols and rituals.

Photos of people smoking.

Stones and jewels and silver and gold.

The Clash. 'Train in Vain' is the best song ever.

Backpacks and anything ethnic, woven or resembling a carpet.

Vintage rock tees. It is an endless hunt.

Mexicana. Religious icons, Day of the Dead, cowboy boots, crosses, skulls, flaming hearts...

A place no one knows.

Tokens, teeth, charms, bones, leather, feathers and stones.

Daydreaming. Utopia.

Cacti. I appreciate low-maintenance organisms.

This life.

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