they say he wandered very far.

saigon photo diary.

cute puppies, boat rides, coconut candy, word cup final (i am spanish background - viva españa!), AK47s, tunnels, sunshine and rain.


that girl lucy said...

looks and sounds amazing! bet you had the best time :')

Fashion wild said...

Amazing first pictures!

electric feel said...

great pics, looks like you had fun!
the dog is soooo cute!

Beckerman Girls said...

Your photography is unbelievable! Love all the shots, especially the ones of the young girls in the water and the hands pushing that piece of ground up!!soo cool! I had to take a double look at first!
xo The Beckerman Girls


Isquisofrenia said...

wow so cool
aww the doggie and cats are too adorable
looks really awesome there!

Zabrinah said...

Woah! Cool and interesting post you have here! Totally unique!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Rand said...

really really really LOVELY!!!!!!:)

anne said...

looks might fascinating! although i might just stop following your blog.. i'm dutch afterall ;)

mara said...

looks like you had a blast!!!