i think its time for all those morals to leave.

sportsgirl army shirt, ksubi tee, cambodian jewelry.

my pathetic tan is already starting to fade, although i like to think khaki makes me look darker, even though it probably doesn't. im jealous of all you northern hemispherians. come on summer! you can see some of the amazing jewelry i picked up in cambodia in these shots - ill have to do a post on it all. i came back with enough silver cuffs and rings to last me 10 lifetimes. you can never have too much silver jewelry, right?


Phiephie + Minnie said...

I love the khaki shirt and the Cambodia pics are gorgeous!

Hope you can check out THE FASHION SMOKE

PhiePhie xx

J. said...

great pics! <3

Isquisofrenia said...

i really love your skin complexion and i do have to say that you are gorgeous , i wish i could look like you when i have no makeup on!
and yes you can never have too much silver!

closet connection said...

you look great in the pic!!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

nice camera you've got there :)

minnja said...

Lovely blog and I follow you now via google.
It would make me very happy if you like to follow me, too.