couldn't be serious in a room full of jack-knife eyes.

a little drawing i did for a friend's birthday card. im quite fond of it! i think ill do a better quality one, i only spend 10 minutes on this one.


STACY said...

aww that's so cute!
I haven't made a card for ages x

minnja said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Bronny said...

great work girl! you're really talented. xx


cathy. said...

This looks awesome! Love it :D

Isquisofrenia said...

is so good, man i cant even draw a stick figure hahhah
i like how its from the back!

TOPCOAT said...

This is really good!! xx


Diana said...

i love this - great blog you have a lot of great inspiration :)

hope you'll check out my blog - i'm currently hosting an awesome animal ring giveaway and it ends tonight! check it out before its too late ;) xo


Danielle Barbe said...

i love it! so quirky. i'm sure they'll appreciate it!

like a fox said...

thanks everyone!