ive come to my senses that ive become senseless.

alexander wang striped top, forever new skirt, neon hart jacket, sportsgirl socks, vintage/collected jewellery, boots custom-made in bali - designed by me.

i absolutely adore these boots. on my recent trip to bali, i stumbled across a tiny leather/tailor shop in a random back alley in semenyak. i was magnetically drawn to all the cowboy boots (my weakness) and immediately fell in love with the owner, Devon - what a champ. i sat down with him and told him i wanted slouchy cowboy-style boots with a stacked cuban heel, raised platform sole and a slightly rounded toe (but not too rounded), all in the buttery soft leather i picked out. i was nervous that i was too specific and that i would end up with something that looked nothing like i wanted. but then, 3 days later, Devon made all my dreams come true. i cant wait to go back and commission millions of leather items - hopefully i will be back at the end of the year.

in conclusion, Devon = God.


Fashion wild said...

lovely cat!

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit, cute cat!


johanna said...

ohhh so cute, really lovely!
I'm following you
Take a look on my blog and follow if you want http://sketchbooksix.blogspot.com/

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Hope you like it.
Love, johanna

rebecca said...

A cat = the ultimate accessory ;)


Natalie said...

u have great style! i love ur boots :)


Rachel Lynne said...

Love the boots with the high socks, and that skirt is very cute, great look!


Lex said...

I really like the plaid and stripe combination. I never would have thought to put them together but it looks great!

VanilahFashion said...

Love your boots!
Vanilah xx


Isquisofrenia said...

this outfit is amazing, love the skirt and the leather jacket and boots make it really edgy
you look amazing!!

Is This Real Life? said...

Awesome outfit!

Anonymous said...

i love this!
you've got a great blog, keep it up
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love your inspiration, i'll definitely come visit your blog again!


Kendr▲ said...

Hey there, well what i have to say is halong bay is amazing, hanoi if you like something and its cheap, get it. when you get to HCM city there is good shopping but is more expensive. try all the food as it is extremely cheap and have fun! I loved it :)

Veren Lee said...

wow! u've been in Bali?
how's Bali? I'm from Indonesia, Bali is an island that located in Indonesia :)

love your skirt and boots
nice to know you,
kisses from Indonesia,
.a little princess.

Anonymous said...

great skirt! and your cat is adorable :)


M. and O. said...

So cute :)

Kisses from France

Olivia & Mariam


stylestalker said...

GORGEOUS! Love your boots xxx

like a fox said...

thank you all you gorgeous things!