and the man in the back said everyone attack.

went to see the touring rockwiz show at thebbie last night and it was the most fun i have had in a while.

for those of you outside of australia, rockwiz is a music quiz show that embraces all those rock and roll freaks and snobs (i am not ashamed to say, yes, i am one of them) with teams made up of a a few of the lucky aforementioned freaks/snobs from the audience and local and international rock artists. if you don't know it, get on it asap.

i almost made it onto one of the teams, but apparently i am too young to know enough (even though i leveled scores with a few old rock and rollers... slightly agist?)

the guests were great, dave falkner (hoodoo gurus), holiday sidewinder (bridezilla), angry anderson (rose tattoo), ella hooper (killing heidi) and the rockwiz orkestra. had a great chat to the host julia zemero, also.

amazing night among fellow music freaks, and endless comments on my tee.
drummer: 'neil - as in the young ones, or as in young?'
me: 'interpret it how you want. i like your shirt.'


Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Cool tee and this show looks great :D



joninel said...

love your tee. by the way i love your header :)

visit mine?

Maria said...

Wow I'm so jealous!! We watch the show all the time trying to improve our musical knowledge.

I used to be obsessed with Killing Heidi in highschool.

Awesome, love the erin wasson outfit as well.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog ♥


blow8 said...

hahah this looks awesome, great post! classic tee.

Becca said...

I've never heard of Rockwiz before right now - but it sounds amazing!! Such a bummer that you didn't make it onto the team! I'm sure it was fun anyways.

WrenRennard said...

Love that show! Being in the music industry, i'm def one of those music freaks too :)

Ella said...

Same here. Proud music freak and Rockwiz enthusiast :)

like a fox said...