you know its just your foolish mind.

new auctions starting today at my eBay store SHOP LIKE A FOX so get in quick to grab some amazing bargains on amazing new and vintage pieces.

1. minkpink suede fringed skirt, 2. industrie tee, 3. vintage lace top, 4. american apparel full skirt, 5.  minkpink gold unicorn tee, 6. little potty red shoes pleated skirt, 7. bardot shirt dress, 8. sportsgirl slouch skirt.

and thanks again to my amazing model, tess.
oh, and stay tuned for a hair post!


F Blog said...

i loveee that cross necklace that's in all of these photos!

nuha nuha said...

love love loveee the pieces

a kiss from asia

that girl lucy said...

that MP fringe skirt is sick. and yess, love/want/need the cross! where did you get it? :)

like a fox said...

the cross is lowluv by erin wasson.

Mystery Bruises said...

you have mad style, im following you for sure, keep up the good stuff.
p.s i love your cobrasnake photos, i left comments :)



Shirin said...

man, I thought those were shorts in the fourth photos, and I got so excited! amazing stuff, though.. kinda want it all

like a fox said...

get on it quick!