too young to hold on and too old to just break free and run.

my hair is getting longgggg. it is only when you have such long hair that you want to do crazy things like cut it all off...

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Georgia said...

Noooo don't cut!
I know many people who regret it..
It would be mine

Silvia Couture said...

lol i totally agree..I feel like hacking it off sometimes!


h a u t e . m e s s said...

Oh don't cut it! I would die for my hair to finally achieve some length. It looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

no cutty cutty, i made this mistake too many times by now :)

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rk hall said...

HAA Don't do it!! I cut all of my hair off loved it for about 2 years... but the growing out process is miserable!

xx rk


like a fox said...

fortunately my hair grows freakishly fast. it will be back to this length within 3 months.

The Pretty Club said...

don't cut.
i have made that mistake too many times in my life.
my hair looked like this once, and heaps blonde, but i cut it, and now i'm growing it again (:
oh yeah and love the title song.

Skinnyintern said...

I love these pictures and your hair! but im dying to see what it looks like short now. hehe Totally following your blog now. i just discovered it today.

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follow me (www.skinnyintern.com)
follow me (www.skinnyintern.com)

Georgia said...

i know! i've been growing my hair for years and the moment i got it to how i wanted it i wanted to change it.. it's always the way! but it looks great, definitely keep it for at least a bit longer! x

like a fox said...

sorry ladies!