piece to the puzzle.


if you are lucky enough to live in the wide brown land that is Australia, check out my new eBay store
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1. minkpink studded skirt, 2. sass slouch dress, 3. minkpink sample dress, 4. bardot frill dress, 5. vintage 50s shirtdress, 6. milk & honey metallic skirt.

and thanks to my beautiful model, Tess. xo.


rouli said...

cool post!!!!

visit and join:))



ak said...

love the studed skirt..great outfits


electric feel said...

lovely outfits!
thanks for your comment!

anne said...

I'd love to take that studded skirt of your hands, but unfortunately I live literally on the other side of the planet. :(

Devon said...

I LOVE that skirt in the first photos - so cool! Great blog too x

myPetsQuare said...

Hey there!
I noticed your comment on SHINE BY THREE!
She is wearing our black and whtie striped skirt!
Please come check out the rest of our range cuz we also have a strapless dress version of the skirt! ITS HOT!

PS I really like your posts!!! Keep going!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love your cross necklace.

Leslee said...

COol photos, reminds me of an erin wasson shoot.

courtney and brigitte said...

love the fourth dress, so cute and great blog! had to go back a few pages :)

x courtney


Kasia said...

love that studded skirt!


like a fox said...

auctions ending this week! don't miss out.