she's a big teaser.

i am always jealous how models never fail to have the perfect biker boots. where do these boots exist in the real world?!? ill go cry my eyes out now...

tfs, altamira.



These pictures make me really look forward to winter weather! Such a great reason to experiment with textures and layers, I can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by the blog too love, happy to exchange links if you'd like.


Skye said...

I love the first photo. The bag makes it. :)


that girl lucy said...

oh my gosh, icouldn't agree more! bought a pair over summer which I don't really like anymore, and now winter is just about here and I still havn't found the perfect pair of biker style lace up boots! let me know if you do haha ;)

electric feel said...

hey dear.
i would love to exchange links!
will add your link to my blogroll!

Happy Easter!


Audrey and Rachel said...

nice blog :)

julieeatsyourtoes said...

Gorrrrrgeous outfits there.

Oh and i'd love to link you, but i suck at anything computerish and technical (can you tell by my layout?;p) so you'd have to talk me through how to link people?


that.screams.jillian said...

i completely agree about the biker boots!
it seems like whenver you try to find a GREAT pair they always look geeky! haha.
hopefully someday us girls will find the perfect pair<3